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    Dynamically create tabs for tabPanel

    Antonio Broughton Newbie


      I am using Seam, and trying to dynamically create tabs for a tabPanel.

      The code I have is something like the following:

      <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax">
       <rich:tab label="Testing">
       <h:outputText value="Testing"/>
       <ui:repeat value="#{settingGroupAction.resultList}" var="settingGroup">
       <rich:tab label="#{settingGroup.group_name}" id="settingGroupTab">
       <h:outputText value="This is just a test"/>

      However, it is not working... is this the correct syntax? or am I doing something wrong?

      The only tab shown, is the "Testing" one...

      I am asking the question here, because I think it is a richfaces question, and not something to do with JBoss Seam in particular.