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    IDE 2.0beta - Tomcat server doesnt show  Web Modules

    infinity2heaven Novice

      I can run my Tomcat on command line and all my web applications in /../webapps folder get deployed. However after configured a Tomcat 5.5 Server in JBOSS eclipse ide and
      1) I dont see any web modules to be added (the button is disabled)
      2) When I right click and click "Add or remove projects", it says "There are no projects that can be added"

      I notice that eclipse has create a "Servers" project in my workspace and created a catalina.policy, server.xml,tomcat-users,web.xml

      Now, how do I configure this to deploy all/a particular app in my webapps folder?


      Tomcat - 5.5.x
      Java - 1.5
      JBoss Eclipse IDE - 2.0beta