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    ajaxSingle and reRendering inputText


      Can anyone explain why the following code will only work if I remove the "ajaxSingle" attribute?

       <h:inputText id="code" value="#{testBean.code}"/>
       <a:commandButton value="TEST" action="#{testBean.setCode()}" reRender="code" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      The setCode() method just sets the code field to a random string.

      My understanding of ajaxSingle is that by using it only the value of the component causing the request generation is sent to the server. In this case I can see the value of 'code' being set but the field will not be reRendered unless the ajaxSingle attribute is removed.

      I don't have a problem using ajaxSingle when reRendering other components (eg. panels, divs, selectOnemenus etc) - just inputTexts. Is this a known limitation or have I misunderstood something?