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    Eclipse and jbosside building workspace problems

    mark jb Newbie


      Our project includes EJB 2.1 and we use eclipse,jbosside and xdoclet in our env and we have several problems that effect the develpoment time:
      eclipse version 3.1.1
      jbosside version 1.5.1

      We have a build process (ant) that executes xdoclet which creates home,remote,local interfaces and insert them into the src directory.
      the ant also compiles all src directory and then package the jars,ejb-jars and one ear.

      the minute we start to change a src file in the eclipse then the eclipse starts to do building workspace (Build automatically is on in the eclipse) which means the eclipse is stuck until it removes all the classes in the output directory, compile all the src (compile by eclipse compiler) and then it is possible to continue working.
      so it means after each build we do we have to wait along time for the eclipse to be ready again.

      1. is there a way to tell the eclipse not to compile all the src again because the only change of the code is the new ejb interfaces (I read eclipse has incremental build which compiles only the diffs )?

      2. is there another way to work with xdoclet and jbosside for better results?