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    Missing JBossWS options

    Berta Fernandez Newbie

      Operating system : Windows XP
      Java version: 1.4.2_10
      Eclipse version: 3.2.1
      JBoss-IDE version : 2.0 Beta2
      JBoss Sever version : jboss-4.0.5.GA

      I have downloaded and installed jboss ide bundle (JBossIDE+Webtools+Eclipse) which is supposed to include all the plugins, but I cannot see JBossWS options under window>preferences>JBoss Eclipse IDE, as in http://www.soapui.org/jbossws/newandnoteworthy-2.0.0-beta2.ht

      I do see other JbossIDE options under window>preferences>JBoss Eclipse IDE as JBoss Servers or XDoclet

      I have also checked jbossws plugin files are present in plugin folder under eclipse home.

      Is there any prerequisite to have jbossws plugin working properly?

      Thanks in advance