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    Classpath problems when adding new server with no "default"

    Michael Bauer Newbie

      I have been a JbossIDE 1.5 user for some time, but I recently had to rebuild my 3.2 Eclipse instance, and as a result I no longer can use JbossIDE 1.5. In installing JbossIDE 2.0.0-beta2, however, I have run into a problem.

      The server instance I am trying to add does not have a 'default' server defined. The result is, upon locating my JBoss server directory in the "Add Server" dialog, I get an error:
      Missing classpath entry C:\usr\java\jboss-4.0.5.GA\server\default\lib\javax.servlet.jar
      And the dialog will not let me continue. The older version of JbossIDE, version 1.5, had no problems supporting this at all.

      Is there a way around this? Am I stuck having to create a default just so the dialog can continue?

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          Rob Stryker Master

          When creating a new JBoss Inc server runtime, the wizard's fields should be:

          Name (unique identifier)
          Home Directory

          The Configuration field should be a list viewer that changes and automatically fills up once a home directory is set. It does nto assume anything about a default configuration. It only takes whatever folders are under the server folder and assumes each one is a configuration.

          If you do not see a viewer for "configuration" where you can set the configuration, you are not creating the right type of server.

          If you are not creating a server from "JBoss Inc", but rather "JBoss", then you are creating the wrong server.