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    Need sample code for IDE 2.0.0beta2 video "demotorials"

    Philip Schlesinger Newbie

      Hi! I'm new to JBoss (heck, to J2EE - I've only coded in J2SE before this) and need to learn it ASAP for a project into which I've been pulled.

      So I downloaded a fresh copy of Eclipse 3.2.1, put in the development update URL, and got JBoss2.0.0beta2.

      I then tried following the old 1.5 IDE tutorial, and got stuck at chapter 11 (deployment). I googled a bit and found the JBoss IDE "demotorials", which I'm now following.

      In the EJB Project Tutorial at step 91/151, they copy and paste in a "standard test bean" to the ZooClient project's Main.java file. Where can I get the text of that standard test bean code?

      And while I have your attention, how the heck do you put this into the portal? This isn't listed as a portlet in the admin screen either, and http://localhost:8080/Tiger and http://localhost:8080/ZooBeansProject both don't work. The old IDE 1.5 tutorial has you add a docroot folder and put an index.html file in there, but do I then go through the packaging configuration steps?

      I could really use somebody's help here - the demotorials aren't enough for a JBoss n00b like myself...

      Thanks in advance for your help.