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    I really need help with rich:panelMenuItem

    Yacin ibrahim Newbie

      I am using rich:panelMenu from Jboss RichFaces live demo. What I want to do is to include a xhtml page once a user click one of my menu. here is portion of what I want to do.

      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Manage Agent">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Edit Agent"
       <f:param name="current" value="EditAgent"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Create Agent"
       action="true" reRender="createagentid">
       <f:param name="current" value="createAgent"/>
      and here is what I am using in order to include the xhtml page, after the user clicked the menu
      <ui:define name="content">
       <ui:fragment rendered="#{current == 'createAgent'}" id="createagentid">
       <ui:include src="/organization/createAgent.xhtml"/>
      Please help, I am struggling with this issue for couple days. Thanks in advance.