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    IDE Tutorial's Generation of EJB Related Files chapter doesn

    Philip Schlesinger Newbie

      In the interest of at least producing something - Rob, thank you for your advice, but my ego just wants to see SOMETHING right now before I follow your roadmap (and my employer doesn't have the patience for me to learn all that right now) - I've downloaded a fresh copy of Eclipse 3.1.2 and installed JBoss IDE 1.6GA via the update URL.

      I believe I've done everything up until and including chapter 5 of the JBoss IDE Tutorial. At the end of chapter 5, I right-clicked on the Tutorial project and selected Run XDoclet. I then selected the project and pressed F5.

      My package explorer did NOT change - I don't have the tutorial.interfaces package or its contents, or the META-INF folder or its contents. All that's different is that I now have a xdoclet-build.xml file (listed below).

      Help? My company won't let me work on this much longer if I can't tell them I got the tutorial to work.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>