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    Why wouldn't Eclipse 3.1.2 / JBoss IDE give me the missing X

    Philip Schlesinger Newbie

      Chapter 6 of the JBoss IDE tutorial.

      Fresh copy of Eclipse 3.1.2 and JBoss IDE 1.6GA.

      I get to the step where I go to the servlet's Javadoc class paragraph.

      I type "@web." and hit ctrl-space. I see the list of the JBoss IDE auto-completion term list.

      If I arrow down to any of them and hit enter, the term list goes away and nothing appears.

      Same goes for using the mouse and clicking on any of the terms in the list.

      Ctrl-space works fine elsewhere (example: If I type in the ComputeServlet() constructor "FiboHome." and hit ctrl-space and pick "class" and I get "FiboHome.class")