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    urgent.. plz help in XDoclet confiuguration problem

    deepali bhosale Newbie

      Hi .
      i am using JBossIDE-Install.pdf and JBossIDE-Tutorial.pdf file to install JBOSS +eclipse.
      I have followed each and every step of this pdfs. I got this pdfs from

      i have first follow the steps of JBossIDE-Install.pdf to update the software
      then in the JBossIDE-Tutorial.pdf, it says that
      Generation of the EJB related files
      To generate the EJB related classes and descriptors, we need to create some XDoclet configurations. With JBoss
      Eclipse IDE, you can define several XDoclet generation configurations that will be run against the project.
      Procedure 5.1. Enable XDoclet
      1. Edit the project properties by right clicking on
      the project and select Properties.
      2. In the property page, select XDoclet configurations.
      3. At the top of the page there is a check-box labeld
      Enable XDoclet. Check this check-box.
      whenever i clicked on the "XDoclet configurations" option in the properties diaglogue box, it give me error as
      "Could not accept changes . The current displayed page contains invalid values."

      and then next part given in the pdf is
      "Procedure 5.2. XDoclet EJB Configuration
      ? Right-click in the upper area to pop-up the menu
      and choose Add. Type EJB in the dialog and click
      You have created a new generation configuration
      named EJB.
      Procedure 5.3. Ejbdoclet Configuration
      1. Select the EJB configuration.
      2. In the lower-left area, right-click to popup the
      menu and choose Add Doclet.
      3. A list of available doclets will appear. Choose
      ejbdoclet and click OK.
      4. On the lower-right area, you see the properties
      of the ejbdoclet.
      a. Set the destDir property to src.
      b. Set the ejbSpec property to 2.0.
      Our configuration now contains an ejbdoclet that
      will produce files in src folder and for the EJB 2.0
      I can't see anything like upper areas and lower area. What I have is just a check box to enable the xdocte coinfguration and one text area below that...
      please help. how to solve this issue.

      Thanks in advance