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    JBoss-IDE preferences and Launch Configuration not working i

    Rui Rosado Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am working in the JBossIDE-2.0.0 Beta 2 on Eclipse 3.2. Using JBoss server v4.0.5GA.

      Things are working fine. One thing I cannot do is changing the server configuration:
      1. First of all, in the Window>preferences ...>JBoss-IDE page I get an error: "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". There are no values on that page apart from the JBoss logo. Also the other options under JBoss-IDE in the tree, show up (sometimes) but you cannot edit them.
      2. When I create a new server in the Servers perspective, I can only choose the "default","all" and "minimal" Server Configuration, although we had made a few more (copies from default) configurations.
      3. OK, we used the default configuration, but now we cannot change values in the Server Overview "Open launch configuration" (i.e. after double-clicking the JBoss server in the Servers perspective).
      We don't see the twiddle or stop tabs, and values that we change are not stored. They always revert to default values. There are no error messages here.

      Can someone tell us how to get the Launch Configuration working?

      A work-around is using the default configuration and do your adjustments there (that's what we are doing at the moment), but JBoss states in the documentation that it should be possible to work with your own server configured in JBoss-AS, at least in development.

      Thanx for any suggestion.
      Rui Rosado