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    ear deployment.


      Hi I'm currently trying to get a seam project going as a j2ee jst/wtp project on eclipse. It looks promising, I can cook my ear (via export) but publishing the thing on the server gives a server error can't find module jboss-seam. Which is declared in the application.xml and present in the root of the ear project, but not at the root of ear.
      I see the jboss323.xml is executed but the ear wich is used doesnt have the jars inside.
      apparantly the ear target is bundling the files at a designated directory,
      but looking at that directory I think that the libs are not present in there. I havent been able to figure out where they are coming from.
      I apologize I this is the wrong forum, I'm a bit mystified by the many project acronyms jst/wst/wtp/jboss-ide etc. But I hope somebody can help me.