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    Failure to deploy

    Geoff Seel Newbie

      I have a test JBoss system set up on a development machine with Eclipse. I had been running successfully both a standalone JBoss and through the IDE. Suddenly whilst the standalone still works fine, the Eclipse/IDE fails during deployment with

      10:24:53,820 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : AFCW/AdvertManager
      Section: 22.2
      Warning: The Bean Provider must specify the fully-qualified name of the Java class that implements the enterprise bean's business methods in the <ejb-class> element.
      Info : Class not found on 'uk.co.FOTO.afcw.EJB.AdvertManagerEJB': Unexpected error during load of: uk.co.FOTO.afcw.EJB.AdvertManagerEJB, msg=javax/ejb/SessionBean

      I take the last bit to mean that it can't find the SessionBean class but the standalone version, which seems to run from the same batch file can and the IDE could a couple of weeks ago.

      Anyone with any ideas short of reinstalling everything? Thanks