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    JBossAS/JBossIDE 2 - Hot Code Replace/JSP changes/republish?

    Jason Millard Newbie


      I am new user of JBossAS/JBossIDE. I have primarily developed web apps using WSAD and RAD6.

      I installed the JBoss IDE 2.0 with the Eclipse 3.2 bundle. I'm running a 1.4.2 JDK.

      I created a new "Web Project" that uses Struts. I then selected "Debug On Server" and deployed it to a "JBoss Inc." 4.0 Server. (I'm running 4.0.5GA)

      Everything works great as expected.

      My big problem while trying to make the switch from WSAD 5/RAD 6, is that I can not figure out how to make code changes without having to manually republish to the server.

      If I make a simple change to a Java source or a JSP I have to republish.
      As you can tell this gets extremely frustrating.

      I've tried Googling all over for information but I can't really find anything.

      If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

      -- Jason