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    JBossIDE - Studio Pro Integration

    Richard Goldman Newbie

      Presently, I'm using JDeveloper to code against the JBoss EJB3 implementation, using MyFaces.

      I am very interested in learning Seam, and taking advantage of using RichFaces/Ajax4JSF capabilities.

      It would be great if I could "dive in" to some kind of mix of JBossIDE and (Exadel) Studio Pro ahead of their integration in the anticipated Red Had Developer Studio. So...

      Can anyone please describe, or point me toward the steps needed to (if possible) get a mix of JBossIDE and Studio Pro running under one copy of Eclipse (using any available version, including nightly builds).

      Thank you. Whether "the right way" or even a hack is suggested, I would appreciate it.

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          Install Exadel Pro.

          remove any org.hibernate.* in their plugin directory.

          Download a later nightly build of jbosside.

          unzip features/plugins from that build into exadel pro.

          start eclipse with a -clean argument and you are there.

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            Richard Goldman Newbie

            Max, thanks... almost there...

            I followed your instructions, with the addition of removing one existing feature for Hibernate, aside from the plugins that you mentioned.

            I then obtained last night's builds for:

            -- my assumption was to pick the "nodeps" versions.

            I then extracted them into the features/plugins of the "eclipse" folder under "ExadelStudio" (which is where I found and cleaned out the Hibernate stuff).

            I then started with the -clean switch and...

            Almost perfect... but can't see the expected "EJB 3.0" entry under New -> Project.

            I could see your "J2EE 1.4 Project" and "J2EE 1.3 Project" headings under their appropriate parent folders.

            I then re-applied JBossIDE-EJB3-Tools and still no luck.

            I'll give it another go from scratch, but if you can point out any mistakes I'm making that would be great.



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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              I haven't tested the ejb3 wizard parts in this combo so I can't confirm.