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    Deploy EAR from IDE rel 2.0?

    Garry Brother Newbie


      Following the instructions in the JBoss IDE tutorial, I configured my
      JBoss 4.x instance into Eclipse and can start and stop it from the
      IDE. However, I don't have the Preferences 'Deployer' option
      called out in the tutorial (Chapter 11) nor do I see a
      'Deployment->Deploy To...' option when I click on the Fibo EAR.
      Instead, what I see under Preferences is this:

      JBoss Eclipse IDE
      -> JBoss Servers
      -> JBossWS
      -> XDoclet

      I installed the big 2.0.0.ALPHA Windows Bundle release and can
      execute the simple Fibo tutorial example without error or warning
      but can't deploy from within the IDE. Besides being inconvenient,
      I don't believe I can debug without enabling this feature.

      How do I configure EAR depoyment within JBoss IDE?

      Thanks, Garry

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          Dilip Maddi Newbie

          I also faced the same problem but figured out the way to deploy it.
          You can select the EAR file and Right Click and Run on it server to deploy it.

          Check the below steps to create the server and deploy an ear on it.

          Creating a server configuration for first time
          1. Click on JBoss AS icon OR switch to JBoss AS perspective.
          2. Click on New server
          3. Select JBoss Inc/JBoss AS 4.0(if you are creation version 4.x server), and enter the server name(default is localhost) and click Next
          4. Enter the name for the runtime to be used for the server, the home directory for the server. Select the default configuration after entering the details and click Next
          5. Enter the server name and click Next
          6. Click Finish and test the server by starting it.

          Deploying the Application on server
          1. Select the ear(FiboApp.ear) file instead of project(Tutorial) and right click, select Run As/Run on Server
          2. You can select the server created in previous step and click Next.
          3. You can see the ear file on RHS and cick Finish to deploy it on server.
          4. Access the deployed app i.e http://localhost:8080/fibo/