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    Problem Creating Server Configurations With No Default

    flindet Newbie

      Forgive me if this was previously reported, but I just wanted to mention that using JBoss IDE Beta 2, there seems to be a problem creating a server configuration if no default configuration is present.

      If one attempts to do this, you will not be able to click "next" or "finish" in the wizard.

      If you create a default configuration, you can then correctly create the server in JBoss IDE, regardless of whether you choose default or some other server configuration.

      So, to summarize, if you install a JBoss AS and name your server configuration something other than "default", you will get mild issues with JBoss IDE Beta 2. The IDE seems to be incorrectly assuming that "default" will be found.

      I do not need assistance with this (unless I'm obviously doing something wrong), but thought that I should report it.