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    JBoss IDE 2.0.0Beta2 Useless

    George Redzisz Newbie

      In my opinion the single and most important feature of JBoss IDE
      should be the intergation with JBoss Server. Unfortunately in this area
      JBoss IDE miserably fails. I do not need all stupid wizards for editing
      xml files, but when a class or jsp is modified in IDE it should be
      automatically redeployed on the server!!! This is the most BASIC
      functionality expected from such IDE and supported by IBM WSAD
      back in 2002!
      Instead, in JBoss IDE you have to manually select "ear" file and
      choose "Redeploy" action ("Redeploy" action on the server does not work)
      The IDE will package ALL files and create new "ear", then copy it
      to JBoss server "deploy" folder where they will be unpacked again. If you
      are lucky you will not get "out of heap space" error, if not, you have to
      restart the server (even after single jsp or css change!!). The whole
      process is cumbersome at best and, in my opinion, renders JBoss IDE useless.