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    Eclipse Pageflow Designer for Seam

    Nicolas Chapurlat Newbie

      I'm evaluating JBoss Seam. I would like to use it with jPDL.

      I installed JBoss IDE 2.0 beta2 and Eclipse 3.2.2. I just have problems with PageFlow Designer. The plugin is ok except if I try to add actions to transition.

      I have the following error :
      ClassCastException: org.jbpm.ui.pageflow.outline.PageFlowOutlineViewer
      at org.jbpm.ui.action.AddActionDelegate.run(Unknown Source)

      I downloaded my version of "org.jbpm.feature - 3.0.12". Then I tried to install JBoss IDE via Eclipse. I found the following remote site but the link to jBPM features is dead (and that's the only one) :

      Thank you for any help (and sorry for my bad english level ...).