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    Enabling JBoss IDE Validation Support for JSF


      I've been building a J2EE project for a while now using JBossIDE and have just started writing the web tier using JSF. All is good so far apart from the jsp editors don't recognize any of the JSF tags.

      Is there any way to add the JSF tags the JBossIDE editors? I've installed the JSF part of the Eclipse Webtools and can edit JSF-jsp files fine within a JSF project. However even after fiddling with the Project and Window preferences I still haven't been able to get my JBoss project to validate it's JSF files correctly. Is there a way? If not is there anyway to switch off the validation/highlighting within the JBoss project?


      ps. I'm running 2.0.0.beta1 of the IDE on Eclipse 3.2.