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    Compatability with JBossIDE packaging


      I am trying to use the new JBossTools Project archives view to construct packages. I have run into an issue that seem to prevent me from replicating the "old" style JBoss IDE packages.

      There doesn't seem to be a way to place files or folders in a specific target folder in the a compressed jar file similar to using the prefix directive under JBossIDE. You can add a folder to an archive. But, even though you have instructed the archive to be a jarred, it builds it in exploded form. Even when I try to use this new exploded archive as the source for a compressed archive, the derived archive is still exploded.

      It seems that once you create an exploded archive within a project all archives are created in their exploded form.

      I am using:
      Eclipse 3.3 Build I20070625-1500
      JBossTools nightly build from 7/2/2007