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    How to configure javadoc with JbossIDE2.0/eclipse

    Michael McElarney Newbie

      I downloaded and unpacked jboss4-javadoc-4.0.4-4jpp.noarch.rpm.

      I have installed eclipse - wtp-all-in-one-sdk-R-2.0-200706260303-win32.zip

      When I unpacked the javadocs, I get a bunch of subdirectories. I tried to configure my project with javadoc ( right click the project in Package Explorer | properties | Javadoc location) with file:/C:/path_to_javadoc_root_dir_jboss4-4.0.4/ and I click validate, I get a message:

      Location might be invalid. Files package-list and index.html that are typically available at the root of a documentation created by the Javadoc tool have not been found.

      Trouble is, there are about twenty subdirs like aspects/ cluster/ etc each of which have a package-list and index.html.

      How do I configure all of these javadoc dirs with my project so I have context sensitive help etc within eclipse?

      Thanks for the help, Michael