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    Disable the internal browser in the nightly tools?

    Andrew Apprentice

      I keep having Eclipse continuously crash on me. There seems to be some kind of conflict between the code completion using the browser and the jboss tools using the browser.

      If I open an XHTML file, I can no longer use the code completion (crashes eclipse in the XUL shared library).

      If I open a Java file and use the code completion, trying to open an XHTML file causes eclipse to crash.

      Trying to open the code completion inside of an XHTML file seems to crash eclipse when it closes.

      All these problems seem to stem from the visual and preview support from the red hat web page editor from the jboss tools. I only edit these files in source mode, so I wouldn't mind permanently disabling these features if it stops eclipse from crashing.

      Any ideas?

      eclipse 3.3 using GTK version on linux