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    building and Debugging with JBoss tools

    Willie Slepecki Newbie

      after much pain i finally got eclipse 3.3, the php plugin, jboss 4.2, wtp 2.0, jboss tools nightly build installed and running. MUCH pain. my problem is how in the world do i deploy my war file after i build it? using ide 1.6 i could right click on it and select what server to deploy it to, redeply it when i rebuilt it, etc. how do i do that with jboss tools? when i created my server, it stated that there were no projects able to be added to the server, why would that be?

      second, building. when i right click on my project, i have the option to run the xdoclet, but not the package. when i go to the builders section of my properties i have

      "missing builder (org.jboss.ide.eclipse.packaging.core.PackagingBuilder)"

      but i have "jbosside for eclipse xdoclet builder" and "jbosside packages builder"

      when i select build all, im assuming it compiles my changed java files, but it doesn't package my war file. this worked great in 1.6, but not here,

      any ideas on either of these?