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    Problem configuring server launch for Jboss 3.2

    Noah Adams Newbie

      I am attempting to replace a MyEclipse setup with the new JBoss Tools, but I am running into a problem. I downloaded Europa, and the new JBoss Tools 2.0.0 beta 3. I created a new server configuration using the JBoss AS 3.2 server type (I'm running 3.2.7).

      So far so good, but I need to add an external folder that to the classpath for the server. I click on the server tab and open the "Overview" for the server I just created. I then click on "Open Launch Configuration", navigate to the Classpath tab and select User Entries. I click Advanced, External folder and select the folder I need to add. It seems to add ok, so I click Apply and OK, but then if I click "Open Launch Configuration" again and go back to classpath, the folder I just added is gone!

      Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?