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    jbossws eclipse plugin wstools error

    Kadir ERDOGAN Newbie

      When i try to create a web service via jbossws plugin i am getting an error like this,

      Running JBossWS wstools for [jbossws-test1]
      directory: /home/kadir/workspace/jbossws-test1
      command: sh -c .//home/kadir/Desktop/jboss-4.2.1.GA/bin/wstools.sh -cp bin -config /tmp/wstools-config45367.xml -dest /home/kadir/workspace/jbossws-test1/src/java
      -cp: 1: .//home/kadir/Desktop/jboss-4.2.1.GA/bin/wstools.sh: not found

      I am using debian linux. In fact i know the reason of the error. it is the "sh -c ./" part at the begining of the command. It causes two problems. First of all because of "./" my absolute path becomes relative. And second because of "-c" extra parameters for wstools.sh is not passing to real executable.

      Is anyone knows how to fix this problem?