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    Packaging configuration and building in Beta3?

    Ron Olson Newbie


      I have Beta2 installed on an Eclipse 3.2 and have been using it to build servlets using the packaging feature. I create a standard Java project, go to properties, choose "Packaging Configuration" and enable it, set it up, etc. Then, when I want to build the WAR file I right-click on the project and select "Run Packaging". Voila! I have a WAR file.

      I installed Beta3 on a new instance of Eclipse Europa as that's the latest version of both, and suddenly all mention of packaging is gone. Gone from the properties, gone from the context menu, everywhere.

      I can't seem to find the beta3 release notes to indicate what happened to it, so does anyone know where I can find this functionality? I can't imagine they'd remove this feature.