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    Publishing Ear  and update - resolves in second folder for t

    Bernd Ahrens Newbie

      I installed wtp-all-in-one-sdk-R-2.0-200706260303-win32.zip with JBossTools-Core-200709170536-nightly.zip
      because with the Beta3 a got some Erros in the Preferences, like Discussed here.

      Now I make a simple testear (EAR 1.4) Projekt and a testearWeb (Dynamic WebModule2.4) with a simple index.jsp.

      Publishing it to the local Server, the following Structure is deployed:

      After making an update on index.jsp, there is a second folder with

      Why is there a second folder for the war?

      First it seams to work, but with useBean-Code in the Jsp, the Jsp is no more reloaded.

      Any ideas?
      Could an Exploded Ear/War-Configuration help me? How is it configured?

      Thanks for help!