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    Wrong position of suggestionbox on modalpanel

    Vassiliy Dubkin Newbie

      Hello everybody!

      Yesterday I found out a problem with rich:suggestionbox and modalpanel. I searched the forum and JIRA for similiar problems and couldn't find any results.

      The problem occurs if you have a large page( greater than the screen height, so that you must scroll to see the bottom of the page). Now, open a modalPanel (from the bottom of the page) which contains a suggestionbox inside. The modalPanel becomes visible and everything works like expected. But if you now enter some characters in the suggestionbox, the suggestionsbox opens on the wrong position (it opens on the top of the page). It looks like the suggestionbox doesn't care of the exact position of the modalpanel. If you open the modalPanel on the top of the page, everything works fine. Is that a known problem?