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    JBoss Tools - setup debugging

    Chris Go Newbie

      Been reading this forum for answers but haven't really found any.

      My environment:
      Eclipse 3.3 WTP All-In-One
      JBoss Tools Beta
      Mac OS X with Mac JDK 1.5 update 4
      JBoss 4.0.4 GA

      So I guess the JBossIDE instructions are no longer valid since JBoss Tools is using the Web Tools Platform... I am trying to setup debugging of an "exploded" war (a directory that has the directory structure of a war archive)

      So far, I've gotten JBoss to launch using the following:

      Preferences > Server > Installed Runtimes
      Add New from JBoss, a division of Red Hat > JBoss 4.0 Runtime
      Pointed to /Applications/jboss-4.0.4.GA with JRE as JVM 1.5 (MacOS X Default)

      On the Toolbar, clicking on the JBoss icon dropdown, create a New Server

      Select a Server Type from JBoss, a division of Red Hat > JBoss AS 4.0
      Select Runtime: JBoss 4.0 runtime
      Named it: JBoss 4.0 Server

      On the Servers tab, I can click on the DEBUG icon to start and stop a server

      ... after this I am stuck ...

      JBossIDE used to give a DEPLOY on the right click on .war files (or directory structures) but JBossTools doesn't do this anymore?

      When I right-click on the folder and select DEBUG, the Debug dialog opens but when I try to use the Run on Server, it gives me the following error:

      An error has occured. See error log for more details.



      This is a fresh install from scratch with checked out directories from our source control. My projects were created as JAVA (not J2EE) projects.


      Any ideas?