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    using a4j support on h:dataTable rows

    Fred McHale Newbie


      In my research and tinkering I have come across a situation that I am unable to solve. Maybe Im just missing something. I would like to be able to use a4j:support onclick with an h:dataTable row, by the way Im using seam as well.

      Here is the relevant view code

      <h:dataTable id="vendorTable" value="#{vendors}" var="_vendor"
       styleClass="vendor-table" rowClasses="odd, even"
       columnClasses="vendorID," >
       <a4j:support event="onclick" reRender="vName"

      and the bean method
       public void setSelectedVendor(Vendor selectedVendor) {
       vendor = selectedVendor;

      So this kinda works except always retrieving the same _vendor. Is there a more appropriate way to do this? or is it even possible with an h:dataTable