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    Any maven-ish directory support planned? Team Web-Developmen

    Arthur Hupka Newbie


      jboss tools in the current release feels very great. In the next two weeks we are going to start developing a new web platform.
      It would be great to have the facelets/jsf/ features of jboss tools for the view.

      Is it possible to develop a complete application with jboss tools within a team? You are stuck on the wtp directory structre i think..

      What if we would like to use continous integration? Do we have to write an ant script which builds the ear? I dont think this is very easy.

      In the current state development is cool for a "one man team" but team web development isn't easy to realize i think. Dependency Management becomes an issue too...

      I use maven since one year and i really would like to continue with it.
      How would you start a project with jboss tools where 6 persons participates?

      Thanks for advices.