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    GDI leak in FreeMarker IDE

    Kyle Rogers Newbie

      I'm seeing Eclipse crashes that I think are caused by a GDI handle leak in the FreeMarker IDE plugin for Eclipse.

      Using FreeMarker IDE 1.0.0.beta3 with Eclipse on Windows XP SP2, as I type inside a directive tag (like <@abc name="def" />), the Outline view updates. As it updates, the GDI handle count (visible in Process Explorer) increases; when it reaches 9,999, Eclipse fails to paint and won't shut down cleanly.

      The number of handles leaked appears to be N for each character typed, where N is the number of items displayed in the Outline view. Not showing the Outline view at all (i.e. close it and restart Eclipse) appears to work around the problem.

      - Is anyone else seeing this problem?
      - Can anyone recommend a fix? From a quick look at the code, I'm guessing Image objects may not be getting dispose()'d, but I'm not sure when they should be disposed.