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    Creating Webservices

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      I got the task to introduce web services to people with only little experience with java EE.
      What i need, is an easy procedure in the IDE to create web services and web service clients. (with JaxWS, Jboss tools seems to only support axis, when i am right)
      Config files, ant etc. are to complicated for the desired audience. So i do need a good gui for it.
      At end of november i do need this easy procedure. The only possibility for me seems to use netbeans. This tool implements the understandable procedure for creating webservices.

      I do not expect the answer that it will be implemeted in the next two weeks, or that it is already implemented and i have overlooked it.

      But some guidance in this task, instead of using netbeans, will be very helpful.
      FYI: i am using eclipse and exadel for more than 2 years. And i will use the exadel based jboss tools suite, as well. And i do know how to create an web service based upon seam. Some useful information is in the seambay example.