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    Eclipse 3.3 with JBoss IDE

    sidkennedy Newbie

      I'm using Eclipse 3.3 and JBoss AS 4.0.4.GA. To debug a J2EE-project I need to integrate JBoss within Eclipse. So I thought in installing the JBoss IDE 1.6.0GA. So I installed the JBoss Eclipse IDE with the Update Manager via http://download.jboss.org/jbosside/updates/stable. As I restarted Eclipse I wanted to make some settings to let the JBoss-Eclipse-IDE know where my JBoss-server is placed in my file system. But it wasn't successful. The first thing is that as I selected the submenu "Deployer" of "JBoss-IDE" in the preferences an error occurred: "The currently displayed page contained invalid values". The submenu "Launcher" doesn't throws an error but I can't select a default server because the drop down list is empty. So how can I reach that I can debug my projects with Eclipse and the JBoss-AS. Do I have to use the development-version of the JBoss-IDE? If yes, is there an URL for the Update Manager of Eclipse or do I have do download it on my own? I can't imagine that I'm the first one having this problem ;)

      thanks in advance