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    Problem controlling and deploying to JBoss AS

    Rob Hasselbaum Newbie


      I'm trying to deploy an Eclipse project to JBoss AS 4.2 via the JBoss Tools 2.0 nightly build (2007-11-19). I have created a WAR file via the "Project Archives" view and the WAR file appears in the workspace.

      Now I'm trying to deploy it, so I configured and started the server, and then I right-clicked on the generated WAR and chose "Deploy to server". But nothing happens. If I right-click on the server and go to "Add and Remove projects", I can see the WAR file there under configured projects, but it doesn't appear to be deployed. I tried removing it, republishing, and even cleaning, but no luck. The server status always says "Republish".

      I don't know if this is related or not, but I'm also unable to shutdown the server. It fails with a communication error. I am guessing this is because I am using port 1299 for JNDI instead of the default 1099. With JBoss-IDE 1.6, I used to see "Stop args" or "Twiddle args" in the server launch configuration, which would let me specify a different port, but I don't see those options in JBoss Tools 2.0.

      Any help with either of these issues is greatly appreciated! Thanks!