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    JAX WS(JbossWS) support trough JBoss Tools

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      my questions:
      1. will there be any support for JAX WS (Jboss WS) bundled with JBTools?
      2. in the JIRA there are some issues about web servises. But they are scheduled for LATER. Whta does LATER mean?

      When looking on this webpage:http://labs.jboss.com/tools/ a jboss WS Tools module can be found. But it is not bundled with JBT CR1

      I do need easy support for web services. With easy i mean no knowledge of the internal working should be necessary. We do have a couple of programmers with no knowledge in this area. They should create the web services.
      Unfortunately we have found one tool that supports the kind of web service support we need (NetBeans). But it is not the tool we are in favour of.
      What we need is simple. all the tooling for Seam projects that JBT delivers plus the JAXWS support from netbeans in one tool.