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    How to disable immediate package deployment ?

    Daniel Kane Novice


      I use "Project archives" to create deployment packages.

      In JBoss IDE (previous version), I was able to package jar/ear, then I drag-drop it from project explorer to Servers tab and put (deploy) on server.

      In JBoss Tools, the situation is different. First of all, drag-drop operation does not work but shows message "abc.jar does not contain anything that can be run on server". However, "deploy to server" (context menu item) works well.

      After that (jar is already on server) I found that any change in "Project archives" for this jar causes immediate redeploy. I don't like that but prefer to deploy by command. I turned out "Allow incremental packaging", but this helped only partially. IDE still keep eye on some of my actions and redeploy/undeploy archives when I don't want that.

      I want to play with archives in project directory without any changes to archives in server/default/deploy. And copy archive to server only by explicit command. How to achieve that ?

      Thanks you.