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    Seam Facet and database profile

    Mehmet Salgar Novice

      Hi everybody,

      I have a problem with database profile in Seam Facet in JBoss Tools.

      I am sure somebody has already complained about this thing in the forum but I couldn't find anything about it.

      In the first stage of the poject, I am not interested with the database and I tried to use HSQL in JBoss AS but I am getting a funny error message that hsqldb.jar in not in the path so it can't create the profile.

      Well I am inside of a wizard I have no idea how I can include a library to the project or to which directory to put this library.

      Normally, I was playing until now with Red Hat Developer Studio but as you know, it is now JBoss Developer Studio and I have to pay for it. So I am trying to understand the JBoss Tools and I have a problem that I don't have before in RHDS.

      Is there a trick to bypass this problem?

      Thx in advance