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    Suggestionbox questions

    Michael Hansen Newbie

      Hey all,

      I have a few questions in regards to the nice suggestionbox component. I would like to make the user able to enter a free text as well as pick an item from the list. However at the moment, when the user enters their free text and hits enter, an item from the list i automatically selected. As an example, if you were to type in the text "Mont" in the sample suggestionbox application and hit return then the text "Montgomery" i entered in the textbox. The reason why I would like to do this, is that I present the user with all available items when there no matches on the text entered, and this works just fine, but then the user can't enter a text thats not in the list. Hopefully my disciption makes some kind of sense ;)

      Another thing I tried to solve the problem above, was to allow the list to become empty, just like the example suggestionbox app, and the have a button which then shows the complete list of suggestions. I have tried to make this work with the help of the rich:componentControl to hit the change event of the suggestionbox. However the only thing that seems to make this work is some rather nasty javascripting, which I really wouldnt like to get into.