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    Connecting to Oracle (Driver Class is empty)

    Alexandros Karypidis Novice

      Has anyone got JBoss Tools to work with Oracle?

      I'm trying to create a Seam project that connects to Oracle 10g. In the "Seam Facet" page of the project creation wizard, I choose "Oracle 10g" as the database type as well as a working connection profile. The wizard complains that:

      "Driver Class proberty is empty for selected 'GVPN generic' connection profile"

      I have created a database driver definition using both Oracle's DTP plug-in, as well as the Generic JDBC driver options. Both work and can be used in the database development perspective, but can't be used for Seam web projects by JBoss Tools.

      P.S. The message is actually spelled incorrectly (proBerty instead of property).