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    Importing existing Seam projects to JBoss Tools

    Chris Simons Expert

      Is there an import wizard or some additional settings I need to specify after I select to "Import Existing Project" using Eclipse + JBoss Tools 2.0GA?

      I've thus far imported a project that we had been using with Eclipse + Exadel Studio.

      After a few modifications here and there to the class library path and so forth, I was able to build/deploy the project through our Ant build file.

      The fact of the matter is that I am thus far not enjoying any benefits from JBoss Tools and I feel it must have to do with the fact that I did not start the project using the "New Seam project" wizard.

      Is there anyway instruction on how to accomplish this? Surely JBoss Tools appeals to a number of Seam developers who want to see if the plug-in offers the kind of support we have been looking for - but where is the instruction on how to get up and running without starting from scratch?

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          What kind of existing project are you referring to ?

          A seam-gen style project ?

          Then there is not much to it besides enabling Seam on it under Project properties. Unfortuanetly since seam-gen projects is not really geared towards eclipse dev so somethings won't work as easy as with seam wizard generated projects.

          You can see the release announcement for how to setup archiving and just remember that Seam artifact wizards will only work with Seam wizard projects, but code completion etc. will work by just enabling seam.