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    x y Newbie

      hi - i create a new seam project, "run it at server" from context menu, make a change in a session bean and change is NOT reflected. however a change in a jsf is reflected. build is done automatically. i must be missing something but what..

      seam 2.0.1 CR1, tools 2.0, jboss 4.2.2

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          Adrian Mitev Master

          Hi. For this to work you have to do a full publish.

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            x y Newbie

            I got the answer upon more careful reading of the documentation..

            But if we want to change any Java code, we still need to do a full restart of the application. (In JBoss this may be accomplished by touching the top level deployment descriptor: application.xml for an EAR deployment, or web.xml for a WAR deployment.)

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              yes, structural changes won't be picked up (unless for classes deployed in web-inf/dev)

              You can do the "touch" trick by clicking on the "finger" in the toolbar. It will automatically touch the relevant descriptor and as a sideeffect the restart occurs.