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    packaging-convert incomplete?

    Geoff Hart Newbie

      I ran the packaging-convert script that was helpfully provided to upgrade old projects to the project archives framework (very slick - greatly appreciate that being provided !!).

      I did notice that in every project it converted, it skipped one of the lines from my packaging-build.xml files, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

      All of the packaging-build.xml looked like this:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <project default="_packaging_generation_" name="Packaging Generator">
      <target name="_packaging_generation_" depends="N10004"/>
      <target name="N10004" description="tools_website.war">
      <jar destfile="tools_website.war">
      <zipfileset dir="src/WEB-INF" prefix="WEB-INF">
      <include name="web.xml"/>
      <zipfileset dir="src/WEB-INF" prefix="WEB-INF">
      <include name="jboss-web.xml"/>
      <zipfileset dir="src/WEB-INF/lib" prefix="WEB-INF/lib">
      <include name="*.jar"/>
      <zipfileset dir="bin" prefix="WEB-INF/classes" includes="**/*.class"/>
      <zipfileset dir="src/WebFiles" prefix="" includes="**/*.*"/>

      The line it skipped in every project was 4 off the bottom:
      <zipfileset dir="src/WebFiles" prefix="" includes="**/*.*"/>

      Any thoughts?