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    Only loading Seam components that are currently open

    Chris Simons Expert

      Since upgrading to Seam 2.0 and providing the Seam settings dialog window with the Seam 2.0 runtime (which seems a bit buggy, it doesn't show up right away) - I am not only getting code completion for components that are currently open in my Eclipse app.

      For example, if I have 10 Seam components but only two open in the editor, I can only get code completion on those two open components.

      I have tried reloading the project, turning off/off Seam support, and so forth. When I had been running JBoss Tools with the Seam 1.2 runtime, all of my components showed up!

      Does this have to do with the JSF Capabilities option being turned off? Is this the way it should be since I'm now using the Seam 2.0 runtime? It's greyed out and not selectable now...

      Thoughts anyone? Please...