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    J2ee module dependency and seam EAR project problem

    William Woodman Master

      I have jboss tools 2.0 installed.

      I create a seam project EAR build for me. I can get the app to work - however when i go to the xxx-ejb and xxx (war file) and check edit the project properties - it tells me that the j2ee module depenencies arent working

      "the currently displayed page contains invalid values". And deosnt think to think its part of an ear.

      I cant fix this and want to adjust the dependencies - bit of a pain.

      first off has any one else reported this as a bug?

      secondly if i want to fix it by hand - where does eclipse look for J2ee depencies?

      I dont get this if a create an EAR project generic - that works okay although the depencies dont always save across sessions - which is also annoying as i have to correct the dependency ticks in the Ear project until they all go back in and the ear class loader can see all the references again.

      I thought it might check the actual build files - which look okay - however i dont think its doing that by the look of things