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    General upgrade strategy for new versions of JBoss Tools and

    Martin Weigel Newbie

      With seam 2.0.1GA and Richfaces 3.1.4 out and JBoss Tools 2.0.1 on the horizon, what is the best upgrade strategy with all these compoments. There are always a couple of good new features that are desireable to use. So how should one integrate these new features in an existing eclipse project. At the moment I wonder if it would be safe to just switch to a new Seam runtime in the project settings. But I saw a bug regarding JEE dependencies. Or would it be better to wait for Tools 2.0.1, start a new project and copy the sources to the new one? And what about integrating Richfaces 3.1.4 into my actual configuration (2.0GA of Tools and Seam), could that cause trouble?

      Thanks for you answers!