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    Issue encoutered starting jboss server within eclipse

    Jack Ling Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm running on Mac OS X platform but I'm wondering if running on other platform having similar issue explained below:

      I'm setting up JBoss AS 5, Eclipse Eurpoa, with the latest JBoss Tools.

      I followed the tutorial, added the installed runtime and ready to "start" the jboss server in the JBoss AS perspective.

      After clicking the "start server" operation, console shows sequence of messages....until at some point a message comes up saying that the server can't be started. I clicked the "Details..." button and it says that the server timeout and did not start up within 50 seconds.

      That's the issue I encountered. However, I don't run into problem if i open the shell terminal and "sh run.sh" to start the JBoss server which runs fine without error message.

      your advice is much appreciated.