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    Getting source code for jboss plugin in eclipse

    Jehan Jaleel Newbie

      Hi all, I have an .ear file that we normally deploy to WAS. I want to test it on JBoss and debug the source through eclipse. So I am using the jboss plugin for eclipse.

      Now the .ear file is throwing an exception from one of the servlets during initialization as the server starts up. So I want to debug this servlet to see exactly what is up.

      But when I try to I find that the source is missing. Here is what I see in my server log.....

      at com.hfa.web.InitMenuServlet.init(Unknown Source)

      So in my JBoss server in eclipse, I go to "Edit Launch Configuration" and through the source tab I want to tell it where to look for the source of the servlet. But no matter what I specify it still does not seem to find the source. I told it the folder where the .java file for the servelet was, I packaged the .java file as ZIP, and it still does not find the source.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.